Top 10 programming languages in 2018 to anticipate by developers

Top 10 programming languages in 2018 to anticipate by developers

The customer’s expectation changes day by day and developers eventually work to satisfy their requirements. The growth of technology is very uncertain to expect. Since its birth it has taken many turns and ups to become most wanted need for any of the person around the world.

There are 100+ programming languages in the market along with scripting and libraries for developers. However few of them are prominent and significant languages including the conventional languages like C, Ruby etc. The way of coding is becoming easier with the introduction of IDEs for various languages supporting on all possible platforms.

Today we will discuss about some important and yet efficient programming languages that are powerful enough to serve the future needs in different industries.

1. Python

Python is very fastest growing language at the moment. Python is easy to learn and yet powerful programming language. Python can be used in enterprise applications and software development including web and application developments. The system administration applications like Ansible, Salt, OpenStack are developed using Python.

Python is open source, easy to install and supports multiple platforms. The Python community space is bigger for developers to collaborate and a good support base. The popular users of Python language are:

YouTube, Uber, Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox.

Hello World in Python!

2. Javascript

Javascript being one of the foundational technologies of WWW along with HTML and CSS, is dynamic and client interactive language. Since its launch in 1995 as client side scripting, it has grown to support server side scripting.

Javascript frameworks and libraries are supported in all latest browsers. The frameworks that are developed using Javascript are:

AngularJS, Node.js, Dojo Toolkit, jQuery UI, Bootstrap, Ext JS.

Hello World in Javascript!

3. Java

Java is widely used programming language around the world. Java is one of the first high level languages that intended to let developers write code once - run anywhere. Java is licensed under GNU General Public. Java community base is very larger and consists of different categories for all of its services.

The Java programming language is the basis for world famous open source mobile application operating system, Android SDK.

Hello World in Java!

4. PHP

Today many industrial businesses are operating through online platforms and these need the lucrative websites. PHP is the one language that primarily focused on web development and is server side scripting. PHP attracts the developers with its features like portable, easy to deploy on any platform and high quality solutions to websites like CMS (Content Management System).

PHP is free of cost and has support for cross platform operating systems. PHP has the capacity to support a wide variety of databases to interact with websites by creating dynamic webpages.

PHP is used in eCommerce websites, CMS blogger like Wordpress and social websites like Facebook.

Hello World in PHP!

5. C#

C# is very useful for developing the desktop applications and gaming consoles that run on desktops. it is developed by Microsoft based on C and C++. C# overcomes many problems like memory leaks in C++ and it is type safe programming language. The C# need .Net framework to run its applications on any platform. The event delegation management is much better than other high level programming languages.

C# has larger support and community space to share developer’s thoughts, feedbacks and issues.

Hello World in C#!

6. Groovy

Groovy is getting popularity by Java developers because of its optional typed and dynamic language. Though design of Groovy influenced by Java, Python, and Ruby it primarily targeted at Java platforms since it is dynamically compiled to JVM. Groovy is well known for its tag like “write less – do more” coding structure. Many Java libraries are by default imported by Groovy in its programming.

Groovy is used in automations as scripting languages, web development. It is adopted by various continuous integration tools like Jenkins and it can be integrated in all known IDEs like Eclipse, Visual Studio code, IntelliJ Idea.

Groovy programming language is supported by Apache Foundation Software and it has its own community base. The best customers who use groovy are:

LinkedIn, Nestle, Cisco, IBM, Google, Master Card, Netflix.

Hello World in Groovy!

7. C

The C programming language has its origin a way back in 1970s developed to support cross platform programming which became available to wide variety of micro controllers and computers. It is very useful for system programming as it has access to kernel level libraries and can be used in operating system and embedded system applications.

C is influenced many high level programming languages like C#, Go, Python, Java, Javascript.

Hello World in C!

8. Go

Go often referred as golang enabled innovations in most of the popular projects. Go is created and developed by Google and it is open source. Go is emerging as one of the most popular programming language.

Go is mainly used in API development, System applications, web servers and frameworks. Some of the latest software that are using Go language are:

Kubernetes, Docker, OpenShift, SoundCloud, MangoDB, Netflix, Uber.

Hello World in Go!

9. Swift

Swift is the youngest programming language in the list that was created by Apple Inc. Since its launch, Swift has drawn incredible attention by many developers because of Apple brand name. Swift is used for all of Apple OS implemented products like iOS, macOS, watchOS, tvOS. Swift uses light-weight syntax for complicated ideas as a result, it is said that, code is not just easier to write, but it is easy to read and maintain as well.

Since Swift is still developing its compiler, this is the best time for developers to take the chance to learn and use Swift.

Hello World in Swift!

10. Ruby

Ruby is one of the simple and productive programming languages. Ruby is very easy for programmers to learn the language. From the words of Ruby creator, Matsumoto, the primary purpose of Ruby is that it helps every developer in the world to be productive and to enjoy programming and to be fun and happy.

Hello World in Ruby!

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